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The first verse has been sung
Tales From The Mists returns to twitch.tv/dnd August 2019


Recent Episodes


As The World Falls Down
April 12, 2019

Our heroes tumble into the mists and find themselves in the newly formed domain of Daglan, preparing to do battle with Radaga, the Queen of the Dead. Secrets will be revealed, alliances tested, and our heroes must face their gravest trial to date. Who will survive and who will finally be claimed by the mists?

The Queen of the Dead
April 5, 2019

Having discovered the missing Imal, Mercy and Vargis find themselves drawn ever closer into the cavernous halls of The Queen of the Dead. Meanwhile, Vasily and Constantina battle an unseen foe as they inch toward their lost companions and the coveted Crown.

Our Little Crimes
March 22, 2019

In the ancient catacombs of Kartakass, our heroes come face to...face?...with another of Vasily's mysterious abominations. Stranger still, Thaddeus and Sybil have split from the party in search for the Crown of Souls. Why? What use have they for the Crown...and what new horrors lurk in the shadowy caverns, waiting for them to drop their guard?

a chilling tale

Dungeon Master TK Johnson leads four Ravenloft natives through the Domains of Dread. Mysterious guests, dark secrets, and tragic destinies await our heroes: where will they stand when the fire of revolution burns a path through Ravenloft? Tales from the Mists’ narrative play style, intricately woven stories, and thoughtful reimagining of a classic setting brings you a Dungeons & Dragons experience unlike any other.


an uncanny cast

Master roleplayers Hadeel al-Massari, Lysa Chen, Kayla Cline, TK Johnson, and Ashley Warren weave the Tales from the Mists story as the core cast, bringing to the table their experience as professional writers, game designers, illustrators, and Dungeons & Dragons community leaders. They’re joined every week by guest players who represent the D&D community in their own podcasts, live streams, video series, adventure design, and beyond.


a vibrant community

The Mistwalkers are more than the tragic characters you watch on screen. They’re a community of quirky, punny, creative, diverse, kind, and clever storytellers, artists, writers, and gamers. The show would not be the same without them. Join the Mistwalkers community to discuss all things Tales from the Mists, D&D, Ravenloft, Chad, horse-mouth birds, and so much more.