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Tales From The Mists returns to twitch.tv/dnd in 2020


Recent Episodes


The Devil’s Backbone
February 28, 2020

The Mistwalkers discover that Rapture's employer is Madame Magdalene, the proprietress of Club Knucklebone in the tiefling neighborhood known as The Devil's Backbone. But before they can meet the notorious night hag, they have an important mission: SHOPPING.

Across the Silent Sand
February 21, 2020

Trapped in the midst of a raging battle with a demonic horde on their heels, the Mistwalkers enter Akkan, a nearly-deserted depot on the Styx Railway. Will their journey to Mudar be a safe one...or just as terrifyingly tumultuous as their previous travels?

A World the Color of Rust
February 14, 2020

The Mistwalkers find themselves trekking the vast dunes of Har'Akir. What has brought them to the Amber Wastes? What dangers await in the cursed spires and pyramids that loom in the distance?

a chilling tale

Dungeon Master TK Johnson leads four Ravenloft natives through the Domains of Dread. Mysterious guests, dark secrets, and tragic destinies await our heroes: where will they stand when the fire of revolution burns a path through Ravenloft? Tales from the Mists’ narrative play style, intricately woven stories, and thoughtful reimagining of a classic setting brings you a Dungeons & Dragons experience unlike any other.


an uncanny cast

Master roleplayers Hadeel al-Massari, Lysa Penrose, Kayla Cline, TK Johnson, and Ashley Warren weave the Tales from the Mists story as the core cast, bringing to the table their experience as professional writers, game designers, illustrators, and Dungeons & Dragons community leaders. They’re joined every week by guest players who represent the D&D community in their own podcasts, live streams, video series, adventure design, and beyond.


a vibrant community

The Mistwalkers are more than the tragic characters you watch on screen. They’re a community of quirky, punny, creative, diverse, kind, and clever storytellers, artists, writers, and gamers. The show would not be the same without them. Join the Mistwalkers community to discuss all things Tales from the Mists, D&D, Ravenloft, Chad, horse-mouth birds, and so much more.