a revolution is coming

Tales from the Mist is a moody, atmospheric D&D actual play following the exploits of four natives of the Demiplane of Dead. Traveling alongside them are mysterious guests who will do their damnedest to either help or hinder our heroes. In their wake are the burnt ruins of those who would harbor the Darklords of Ravenloft, ahead of them lies a dark destiny.… What has fate in store for them?

TK Johnson is a haunting storyteller whose collaborative style as a Dungeon Master is lauded for being evocative, immersive, and engaging.

Tales from the Mists airs every Friday at 6pm PT on twitch.tv/dnd.


 the first verse

Our heroes find themselves fleeing Darkon after being accused of a crime they did not commit. With the help of a magical lantern, they pass through the mists into Kartakass, an untamed land in the southern Core where wolves roam freely. Here, they uncover the mystery of stolen youths and a conspiracy that steals the wandering spirit of Vistani. Will they survive this strange and sinister wilderness, or will our adventurers run with the hunted once again?