the dungeon master

“Gasping, you dash to each pile of stinking fabric, unveiling two dozen in total and each a looming abomination that is frozen in eternal suffering. Some are clawing at their bodies and have peeled long stripes of wax from their breasts beneath desperate fingers. Others have sunk to their knees in supplication, begging for salvation. One in particular stares ahead, his torso a tangled mass of scowls and jeers. He meets your eyes, or would if he had been granted any by his deranged sculptor, and a single finger is raised as though in accusation.”

TK Johnson is a speculative fiction writer and part-time eldritch horror. They can also be found as a cast member of The Demonplague, The Land Between Two Rivers, and Jace Beleren Must Die on the Don’t Split the Podcast, WebDM, and Dungeons & Dragons networks, respectively--and as a contributor in several upcoming Anthologies on Dungeon Masters Guild. Their free spooky stories can be found at and very soon in print in a collaborative set of short stories and comics with Kayla Cline.


 the cast of characters


Lysa Chen as
Mercy the Changeling

Lysa Chen's passion lies in growing and creating a more inclusive Dungeons & Dragons community. In addition to being the showrunner of Tales from the Mists, she serves as Community Manager for Dungeon Masters Guild and the D&D Adventurers League, manages social media for Dungeons & Dragons, and hosts Behold Her, a monthly podcast about women in the world of tabletop games. When she’s not gathering and engaging communities, Lysa writes for RPG publishers including Wizards of the Coast and Kobold Press. Learn more about Lysa’s D&D adventures, shows, and other creative endeavors at

Mercy Albrecht is a changeling storm sorceress wandering the mists to hunt for the human child she replaced… and to destroy darklords in her wake. Raised by a devout Eternal Order family, for whom ritual sacrifice is the norm, this death-touched tiefling struggles to comprehend the hidden truths of her dread homeland.

Ashley Warren as
Constantina the Revolutionary

Ashley Warren is a bestselling writer for Wizards of the Coast, Onyx Path Publishing, and other RPG publishers. She serves as the Marketing Warlock for Astral Virtual TableTop and the founder/lead instructor of the RPG Writer Workshop. Ashley is the producer of the Uncaged anthology series, a collection of feminist folklore and mythology retellings, which is available on She writes immersive stories that are dark and atmospheric. Find her adventures, stories, and various projects at

Constantina Avshalomov is a Vistana bard who goes wherever the mists, and her heart, take her. She may look friendly singing for her supper, but she’s a wanted rebel thanks to her involvement with the anarchist operation, the Matchbook Menagerie. Constantina will stop at nothing to liberate Ravenloft — no matter the cost.

Kayla Cline as
Vasily the Experiment

Kayla Cline is an illustrator and graphic novelist, whose work frequently invokes gaming culture, the occult, and science fiction. Her work can be found at her website or in Holly Conrad's newest clothing line, Trash Witch Coven, on Etsy. She currently is one half of the chilling talk show "Spooky Saturdays", airing Saturday nights on Holly's twitch channel.

Vasily is an alchemist, inventor and mad scientist of sorts. An abyssal tiefling of unknown experimental origins, she begrudgingly travels the mists with her stalwart companion, Mercy. Vasily would do anything to keep her safe ... wouldn't she?

Hadeel al-Massari as
Vargis the Occultist

Hadeel al-Massari is a published writer, social justice druid, and professional nerd living in Seattle. She is a veteran of the video games industry, having worked at Nintendo and for the Overwatch League. She was also one of the teachers and curriculum developers for the Lake Washington Girls Middle School Dungeons & Dragon summer camp. Her work has been featured widely across the TTRPG industry and beyond. You can find her on various D&D streams on the Wizards of the Coast Twitch channel as well as her own Twitch channel where she streams costuming and craft streams.

Vargis Blackstone is a warlock, and many would consider his "gifts" to be ill-gotten at the very best. He's too handsome to trust and knows far too many people who don't know him at all. If you want to know the real story, I suppose you could always ask Claudia...That is, if you can manage to get her to talk.

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 gallery of guests

The Mistwalkers feel passionate about sharing the spotlight with the Dungeons & Dragons community that has given us so much joy, friendship, and support. Guest players are critical to Tales from the Mists, with each guest character bringing their own story, motivations, and dark secrets to their four-episode arc.

Our growing Mistwalkers family includes:

Hannah Rose as Pandora Zitane
Jess Ross as Nikolai Locke
Celeste Conowitch as Yarrow
Dr. Megan Connell as Juniper
Noel Shiri as Thaddeus Scratch
Emma Lambert as Sybil Red-Rime

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art by kayla cline

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